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Alien OG Original

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The softest, smoothest, T-shirt available anywhere.
Durable rib neckband
Fabric weight 4.3 oz
Made of 100% fine ring-spun combed cotton

For long-lasting results: Machine Wash Cold and Hang Dry

Strain Story:

Their planet was dying, so the aliens had to make sure their bud lived on. They traveled for many, many years in search of the the right place to continue these space genetics. Flying through a random galaxy, they spotted a planet that reminded them of home. This looked like the perfect location to plant the Alien OG.  When we saw them land on the farm, out walked from the space craft a few little green creatures with the reddest of eyes. Their first words to man were “do you smoke dank?” They pulled out their space-age smoking device, and they packed it up real FAT. Puffing on space trees…now thats where it's at. One puff of the spacey citrus nugs is all it took and it had us so high, we were way past the clouds; we were practically abducted into the sky. Before leaving, they hovered their space craft over the freshly planted Alien OG strain. They shot down a beam of light that supercharged these clones into beautiful bushy flowers. The aliens zipped away and just as they appeared, they exited through a giant cloud of smoke and headed directly for space. Doing what's best for the universe, they came in peace and left us with some very exclusive space trees.

This bud was grown by: OB1 Organics
Dispensary: Collective Awakenings, OR
Genetics: Tahoe OG x Alien Kush
Taste: Space Sweet
Smell: Cosmic Fresh
Blend: Indica-dominant
Results: THC 19.69%
Effect: Abducted
Artist: El Chimu