Tree Shurts


Blue Dream Tree Mug

Image of Blue Dream Tree Mug

These mugs are based off of our original design. And like the original design, we included the bud label which shows the number of authenticity, and makes this a limited edition mug. Only 420 mugs of each design are produced.

This dreamy delight will mesmerize and take you far deeper than your imagination can ever travel. Once you activate the Blue Dream's crystals, you'll be drifting into the depths of the unconscious realm. High above the moons enchanted smoke clouds, and surpassing the stoners in space, awaits a place of extreme serenity. No kings and queens exist here, just a castle where the only superior power is the Blue Dream gardens that never stop flowering. These luscious blue buds have a compelling taste that's smoother than water and a buzz which splashes through the cerebral cortex reminiscent of the waves arising from the underworld. Surely, this will be a Blue Dream that you won't ever want to wake up from.