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L.A. Confidential Original

Image of L.A. Confidential Original

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The softest, smoothest, T-shirt available anywhere.
Durable rib neckband
Fabric weight 4.3 oz
Made of 100% fine ring-spun combed cotton

For long-lasting results: Machine Wash Cold and Hang Dry

Strain Story:

Mehhh, see! As corruption grows in the City of Angels, one man’s duty is to put away these Devils. Despicable feens that are capable of grave injustice are running a muck in our fair city. A crime of the century, a dastardly heist, an unsolved tree mystery, and there is only one man for the job! "Calling Dank Tracy! Calling Dank Tracy! Someone is robbing all the LA Confidential from dispensaries in the County. The mayor needs you to solve this case!" Dank realizes without the LA Con, the citizens will start to feel stressed out and panic. Something must be done. Knowing that it causes a severe case of the munchies, he decided to check every burger and donut joint around town. Even the smell of fresh burgers on the grill couldn't mask the strain’s pungent aroma. Turns out, Mr. Oily and his henchman Dabstract stole all the LA Confidential. Another case solved, the LA Confidential is back and in good hands! Dank Tracy saves the day again!

This bud was grown by: DF Gardens THC
Dispensary: Five Zero Trees, OR
Genetics: OG LA Affie x Afghani
Taste: Sour cream doughnut
Smell: Gas Tank
Blend: Indica-dominant
Results: THC 16.34%
Effect: Numbdified
Artist: Swan7